p4210003.jpgSitting on just under three acres of property, Tangleweed Farm is the site of not only productive food crops, flower beds and berry canes for produce sales. In addition, the farm maintains a beautiful array of rose bushes, a few select fruit trees, lilac shrubs, a field of lavender, herbs and much more. Just about any plant well-suited to the Tehachapi growing climate is likely to pop out of the ground someplace around the farm throughout the season. From daffodils, tulips, hyacinth and iris to lilacs and peonies to lavender and roses the farm is covered in blossoms all season long…with the exception of the ice-cold depths of winter.

p6140002.jpgPerennial flowers and berries are accompanied by annual flower and vegetable crops in the farm fields. Highlights in the Tangleweed growing season include first-of-the-season baby lettuces and spinach in early Spring, Peony flower bouquets in May, the Olallieberry harvest during the month of June, followed by a bountiful summer full of traditional warm season vegetable crops including flavorful tomatoes, mixed and colorful flower bundles, and a fall harvest of sweet and long-storing winter squash.

Despite the adversities that may come with farming in Tehachapi (wind, snow, desert high summer temperatures, and a decent array of pests) Tangleweed Farm anticipates an abundant harvest each season.  It is a lesson learned again and again when growing diverse crops that something always fails and something always makes it to production and this is why it is important to support diversity versus monoculture so often found in our commercial food systems.