Local Goods

Providing an experience of one-stop shopping, the Tangleweed Farm stand contains dairy and meat items crafted by other locally-based producers.

Goat cheeses including various flavors of soft chevres, and jack and cheddar hard cheeses are made available for purchase by Goat Cheese Creations-Soledad Goat’s of Mojave.

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Free range or grass-fed beef products are also made available by J&J Grass Fed Beef-Range Land Co., another Tehachapi-based operation.

When making food choices consider where these items came from and how they were produced. In order to ensure the highest level of nutrition, local artisans are working to create quality food products in your neighborhood. The availability of these products is a special opportunity to be taken advantage of in the Tehachapi community.

In order to learn more about these products be sure to click on the links provided above and feel free to contact the producers directly for more detailed information.