Tangleweed Farm Provides Tehachapi With Freshly Grown Produce and Flowers


What and Where

Tangleweed Farm is located in Tehachapi, California at 21192 Old Town Road. The farm is family owned and operated and features crops including lettuce, greens, berries, and cut flower bouquets in addition to a diversity of warm season vegetables and melons available. Each of these products has been naturally grown at the farm without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  The farm uses techniques including natural soil amendments, integrated pest management, and succession crops to produce the highest quality food and flowers. Additional food products may be purchased at the Tangleweed Farm Stand including select olive oils and vinegars and outstanding Fair Trade coffee.  The farm stand carries jam made by Laurie from Olallieberries and/or Raspberries produced right on the farm along with many other wonderful enticing items that make lovely gifts or are simply available for your own enjoyment.


 FRIDAY  1:30 PM -5:30 PM and SATURDAY 9:00 AM-2:00 PM year-round.

During the winter months when our produce is at a minimum, we are pleased to be able to provide a full assortment of Cal Organic produce that is very fresh. While the spring, summer and fall seasons in Tehachapi are quite productive it is far too challenging to keep much of anything growing in the winter cold and wind.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John or Laurie at 661-822-8806

Please Support Small Farms-Especially in Tehachapi!

As a small farm, Tangleweed relies on each of you as a dedicated customer to invest in a community based food system. Locally grown is not only a growing trend, but a way of life that makes sense.  We hope that by offering you a sustainable food choice in your own community you will be able to eat healthier and enjoy food that is unique, fresh and flavorful and not cause you to have to travel miles to obtain these goods.  Consider how fortunate the Tehachapi community is to have the small farm option as a food source and keep it alive with your regular patronage (that goes for our neighboring small farmers too!). This food has been planted, cultivated, and harvested right on site as it becomes ripe with no shipping costs or carbon emissions like those of the industrial food system. Additionally, it has been handled and processed minimally if at all.  Please take the time to make the quick diversion down Old Town Road this season to get your hands on some truly Tehachapi-grown goods. Your continued, regular support makes farming in Tehachapi possible.


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